What we know about the confrontation between Eric Reid and Malcolm Jenkins

History between the two is boiling over on Sunday.

Panthers safety Eric Reid had multiple run-ins with Eagles safety Malcolm Jenkins during a Week 7 game that was sparked by the way the two players handled protests during the national anthem.

The confrontation began ever before the game kicked off, with a scuffle during warm ups:

Reid was standing on his own while the teams met at midfield prior to the game when the pair approached each other. The two exchanged words, before things began getting heated. Torrey Smith, Reid’s teammate, pulled him away from the situation and walked with him to the sideline.

Things didn’t calm down after the game started. Reid gestured toward the Eagles’ sideline following multiple plays, and was penalized for a late hit on Carson Wentz, before slamming Zach Ertz who ran over to retaliate for the hit on the quarterback.

The friction between Reid and Jenkins stems from the NFL Players Coalition

Reid has made several comments about Jenkins’ involvement in protests by NFL players during the anthem. During his introductory press conference with the Panthers, Reid called the NFL Players Coalition (of which Jenkins is a founding member) “an NFL-created subversion group,” and was critical of the Eagles’ safety last year for his involvement in discussions with the NFL.

This is what Eric Reid had to say about Malcolm Jenkins

In late 2017 Reid said that Jenkins was working directly with the NFL without the knowledge of players, and speaking for protesting players without talking to them directly. This led to Reid leaving the NFL Players Coalition as a result.

“(We’re not) satisfied with the structure of the Coalition or the communication that Malcolm has been having with the NFL on his own, speaking on behalf of protesting players,” Reid said.

After the game Sunday, Reid told reporters “He’s a sellout. He’s a sellout. His actions speak louder than his words,” when asked about his animosity towards the Eagles’ safety.

This is how Malcolm Jenkins responded to Eric Reid’s comments

Jenkins opted not to speak critically of Reid after the game Sunday and dismissed the accusation that he sold the safety and Colin Kaepernick out:

While he wouldn’t speak negatively about Reid after the game, he did comment last year after Reid’s accusation that he was working with the league:

“They understood the entire scope of the plan. The last time we had conversations with (Roger) Goodell and Troy Vincent, Michael Thomas and Eric Reid were on that call. They understood the proposal. What we didn’t have was a conversation with players in the coalition based on some of the responses that we got from the league. We then talked about myself contracting Troy Vincent just to give them some updates on some of our feedback, which I did. That call did not have Mike or Eric on it. Everybody kind of agreed to that.”

Reid was not signed by an NFL team for several months and is currently involved in a lawsuit against the league for colluding against him during this time.

Torrey Smith is the middle man in this

The former Eagles and current Panthers receiver knows both players well and is a current member of the NFL Players Coalition. After the game, he said he was surprised by Reid’s pregame confrontation with Jenkins:

Smith helped pull Reid away from Jenkins, but joked later that he was just giving out high fives to a pair of friends:

What now?

Upon his return Reid has continued to protest, kneeling during the national anthem. Don’t expect that to change:

Meanwhile Jenkins has chosen not to protest during the anthem this season, but remains active in the community and continues to work with the NFL Players Coalition.