6 players we’re way too excited about after Week 1 of the NBA

Are we overreacting? Yes. Do we care? No.

The NBA season is back, which is wonderful. The lone problem is that teams have played just a handful of games and drawing conclusions about anything would be irresponsible.

But that’s why blogs were made. In this wide open space we can say whatever we want about what we’ve seen so far. So I’ve created my own All-Overreaction Team of six of the best non-All-Stars who’ve had ridiculously good starts to the season that will definitely last. Or not.

Maybe this really is Nik Stauskas’ breakout year! Maybe Garrett Temple is ready to break the scoring record! I don’t know and neither do you.

Here’s who I’m overly excited about one week into the season and why.

1. Nik Stauskas, the LeBron Slayer

There was always the danger of LeBron JamesLakers opener being spoiled by the Portland Trail Blazers, and it was. Portland has one of the best shooter of all time, Nik Stauskas, after all.

Stauskas, who has played on four teams in five seasons and never found consistent minutes, torched L.A. for five three-point shots on eight attempts, even hitting big in the clutch. The Michigan product finished with 24 points, which tied a career high, and through two games he’s shooting 55 percent from three.

In this game of overreactions, it’s simple to say that the Blazers have found their answer for a third scoring option.

2. Garrett Temple, a splash brother

Coming for Stauskas’ three-point title throne is Garrett Temple, a 32-year-old journeyman who nailed 5-of-6 threes in his second game of the season for 30 points to beat the Hawks. He made 10-of-11 shots for the game, and including the first game of the year, he’s shooting 9-of-14 (64.3 percent) from deep.

He’s averaging 21 points per game this season after putting up 5.6 in his first eight.

All hail Garrett Temple, our newest splash brother.

3. Caris LeVert, Mr. Clutch

Ok this one might be real. LeVert has been Brooklyn’s biggest standout, especially since knocking down the game-winning layup against the Knicks. On 26-of-40 shooting for 74 points in three games, LeVert looks springy and good! Like future All-Star kind of good!

I can’t even joke, he might finish the season with way better numbers than anyone expected.

4. Nikola Mirotic, All-Star?

Sixty-five percent three-point shooter Niko is our new God and the Pelicans are on a terrifying roll. The team put up 149 points one game after blowing the Rockets on the road, mostly because the one-two-three punch of Mirotic, Julius Randle and Anthony Davis has been otherworldly.

Mirotic is draining threes with hands in his face and scoring at a Kevin Durant-like pace. At 66 points in two games, he is the Overreactions Team’s true superstar.

5. Joe Ingles, Utah’s biggest bargain

This group has no shortage of overachieving deep-ball shooters, and Ingles is the perfect addition. He’s made 65 percent of his threes, and 70 percent of the shots he’s taken overall, which is holy [redacted] kinda good. Ingles was one of the best three-point shooters in the league last year, but not 11-of-17 good.

Will those outrageous numbers persist? No. But Ingles has looked like a total All-Star through two games and I believe he’ll continue to be great all year. (Just maybe not this good.)

6. Cedi Osman, LeBron’s replacement

LeBron who? Our son Osman is growing up with more minutes to play now without that other guy in Cleveland.

He’s averaging 17 points per game, five rebounds and five assists. Please, world, let this one be real. Cedi Osman for MVP!